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Lervig brewery

24 DECEMBER 2023

"It's the most wonderful time for a beer"


Hi, team Lervig here. Stoked to be involved in the calendar!  

In 2003, Norwegian macro brewery purchased Stavanger's much loved Tou brewery and moved it to Oslo. The town revolted, there were protests in the street, from this Lervig was born. Taking over the former Tou location and making sure Stavanger would always have a brewery to be proud of. 

Our No Worries range is the fastest growing in its cats Goey throughout Norway. With an evolving pallet of flavors our full-bodied alcohol-free IPAs ensure no one is left out at the dinner party.

For the Netherlands our best sellers are our Rackhouse Barrel Aged beers or our No Worries alcohol free IPA's, so it's either all or nothing and that's what we love about you guys.

We notice a more health-conscious/alcohol conscious crowd in the craft beer market, that want to still drink quality drops, without alcohol. So even if you are sober at the Christmas party this year, you can 'drive home for Christmas' 

From your northern neighbors Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and stay safe. GOD JUL!

nepomucen forrest

23 DECEMBER 2023

"Dry before you die.."

Nepomucen isn't too keen on publicity. They most care about brewing good beer. and thats great :)

Browar Nopomucen is based in Szkaradów, a tiny village in western Poland. They worked with self-designed brewing equipment and brew both classic flavors and modern styles. They also export a number of beers so you might have come across them before.

All and all a perfect IPA that can't be put behind threes.  

Mash Gang crew

22 DECEMBER 2023

"In heaven there is no beer.."

One of the newest Mash Gangs. A light lager of sublime quality, brewed in collaboration with The Garden Brewery from Croatia. Super clean, crispy, dry and refreshing. 

At Mash Gang, we pioneer the future of conscious drinking by crafting premium non-alcoholic beer for discerning consumers.

Defying industry norms, we remain committed to elevating quality and choice in the beverage sector. 

Whether you're a long-time non-alcoholic beer enthusiast or someone who's just dipping their toes in, with Mash Gang, you're not just a customer – you're part of the family.

Merry Christmas and a Hoppy Newyear!

Nepomucen Hopollo Nook

21 DECEMBER 2023

"It's the most wonderful time for a beer"

Browar Nopomucen is housed in  Szkaradów, a tiny village in western Poland. They worked with self-designed brewing equipment and brew both the classic flavors and modern styles. They also export a number of beers so you may have come across them already.

A formidable collaboration with Browar NOOK (also from Poland). Brewed with the unique Polish hops Amora Preta, Vermelho, Książęcy and Marynka. It produces a hoppy but also a light beer. 

We wish you a Hoppy Christmas!

rock city brewing koen

20 DECEMBER 2023

"So many beers, so little time"

Light yellow and hazy in color, hop aroma with lots of citrus. Almost perfumed in the taste, as you often see alcoholic IPAs. A beautiful low-alcohol hazy IPA that is well balanced and that (for us personally) does not have the well-known non-alcoholic sweetness. You should try that 'mute'! 

Water is the most important ingredient at Rockcity, as 93% of a beer is water they say.

Rock City Brewing is a brewery from Amersfoort. Named after the nickname of the city, the "Keistad" with the "Keientrekkers" as inhabitants. Started in 2012 with Koene Ridder as the first beer (a triple). 

Browar Birbant

19 DECEMBER 2023

"Pyszne piwo bez bólu głowy"

Birbant Kolo% it is a special mixture of our nonalcoholic IPA Hero and selfmade mix of cold brew Ethiopia coffee and self made tonic. So you can find here the citrus aroma from american hops and citrus zest as well as the bitterness from tonic and hops. Additionally you will feel the coffee aroma and flavor from the very good quality of speciality coffee from Ethiopia especially used for cold brew. Enjoy our Birbant Kolo! Team Birbant. 

Brulo Highway To Hell

18 DECEMBER 2023

"Save Water, Drink Beer"

Hello, this is James, founder at BRULO! Today is a great day, you get to enjoy one of our beers =)


In 2019 we set out to make great tasting beer that doesn’t hold you back. Raising the bar and pushing forward with our vision of having awesome alcohol-free beer available in all our favorite places. We launched with a simple promise to only produce beer that we love. No excuses. Using all-natural ingredients, innovative yeast cultures and modern brewing techniques we brew beers that are always alcohol-free, vegan and delicious.


The beer that you're drinking is the second lager we've released, it's crisp, clean and refreshing. Stay tuned for more exciting larger releases coming in 2024.

Happy holidays!
James & Team Brulo

Zeer Brewing team

17 DECEMBER 2023

"Sober is the new Drunk"

At Zeer we have a Belgian Soul, a Swiss body, and an International mind. We believe in an inclusive world with poppy colors and a sparkling life attitude, and we also love sports and the outdoors without weather limits. We love yellow, barns, and nonsense, not in this particular order.

We are naturally alcohol-free, and we don't miss it, but we are comfortable also having a beer or two, as we believe that Zeer and Beer are not enemies and they often party hard together.

Happy you found us in this bundle of freshness, and if you happen to be in Switzerland, just ping us and we will bring you out for snacks and coffee. With beers on us, of course.

Zeven Zonden Avaritia

16 DECEMBER 2023

"Sober is the new Drunk"


Dear beer lover,


It is a special day, because today your taste buds are going on a taste adventure, and we are not saying this because we drank one too many Zeven Zonden (Seven Sins) Avaritia, on the contrary. Welcome to the magical world of a beer so light in alcohol that it's unbelievable that it packs so much flavor.


Let's be honest, the end of the year is just around the corner and we are all looking for that one exceptional thing that can bring us light in these dark times. That's why we propose this wonderful low-alcohol beer, a gift for your taste buds without having to feel guilty about the excess that accompanies this time of year. It was brewed with great craftsmanship and love for the profession by the Belgian brewing company Hugel from Kortrijk, in the Leie River valley.


We have created a particularly balanced and aromatic beer with only 0.5% alcohol, so that you can fully enjoy the festive period and say goodbye to the infamous end-of-year hangovers.

Not only is the beer low in alcohol, it is exceptionally aromatic, adding the enchanting aromas of elderflower, a zesty kick of kaffir lime, and the comforting embrace of black tea.

Seven Sins Avaritia is a beer that proves that you should not compromise on taste while enjoying a low alcohol beer.


Don't forget to prepare a bottle of Seven Sins Avaritia for Santa, it's the ultimate gift for the man who's had enough of milk and cookies.


Koen Hugelier

Musketeers Troubadour Zestra

15 DECEMBER 2023

"The new way of Day Drinking"

Hey beer lover,


First of all: cheers to a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2024! 


We are The Musketeers Brewery, founded in 1999 by 4 brew engineers. Brewing beer was the hobby and passion of these four friends. Today, almost 25 years later, two of the founders are still at the helm of this Belgian independent brewery. Gradually, Troubadour beers conquered the Belgian and foreign markets and today we introduce you to Troubadour Zestra, our non-alcoholic topper. 


For our team, it was a tough challenge to brew a non-alcoholic beer that still retains its character. We created a nice balance between hop bitterness, fruity tones and soft maltiness to keep the flavour sensation lingering for a long time. 


Troubadour Zestra is the best of both worlds: a full mouth with a balanced taste experience, but without alcohol so anyone can enjoy delicious beer at any time.


The aroma starts with a spicy hop scent, subtly blended with light malt notes and a seductive combination of citrus and sweet fruit. Troubadour Zestra's palate offers balance and contrast: a light, pungent freshness welcomes you right from the first sip. This is followed by a soft malty body with a subtle sweetness, enhanced by zesty notes of stone fruit, sweet fruit and a hint of spice. The harmony of hop bitterness and soft fruity mouthfeel creates a balanced taste experience that is very refreshing. The finish is slightly bitter and remains pleasantly long.


One little fact to end this introduction: the word 'Zestra' refers to the peel of citrus fruits, zest. Just as zest enhances the flavour and aroma of a citrus fruit, Troubadour Zestra adds a lively and spicy dimension to the world of non-alcoholic beer. Furthermore, 'zesty' also means lively, fiery and spicy. These characteristics perfectly reflect the invigorating and energetic nature of Troubadour Zestra!


Be sure to let us know what you think and tag us with @themusketeersbrewery


We wish you beautiful holidays, full of fun, laughter and, of course, delicious beer - with or without alcohol! 


Team The Musketeers 


PS: Still looking for a cool getaway in 2024? Not far from the Belgian-Dutch border, near Antwerp, you'll find our brewery site, a place with a story and a rich past. We transformed an old brickyard into a brewery and an attractive brewery pub with a large terrace. Nearby are also beautiful cycling routes, forests and even golf courses where you can take a golf initiation course. Welcome for a tour and a beer! All info at!

Kompel alcoholvrij bier

14 DECEMBER 2023

"Keep Calm and drink alcoholfree beer"

A pale ale from Belgium from Brouwerij Kompel. It is a golden blond beer with a fruity aroma. Nice and fresh, thirst-quenching and with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Brouwerij Kompel is a contract brewery located in Maasmechelen, Belgium. The brewery was founded in 2015. Kompel means "friend" or "mate" in German, but what it actually stands for is a name that people gave to each other as miners. There were coal mines in Maasmechelen and the Kompel brewery was founded as a tribute to all the miners who came from far away. Their beers all contain a miner on the bottles. Their mission is to make beer for everyone and encourage camaraderie, regardless of work or origin.

Klootzakske Tante Nonneke

13 DECEMBER 2023

"An alcohol free beer a day keeps the doctor away"

Dear beer lover,

Today we are drinking a Tante Nonneke (Auntie Nun). In addition to Klootzakske & Hete Klinke, Tante nonneke is the 3rd and newest member of the Belgian beer company Klootzakske. Our mission is to enable beer lovers to enjoy a range of delicious beers, with funny names! We only make beers that we (really) like to drink ourselves, and due to a lack of tasty non-alcoholic beers on the market, we brewed one ourselves. Tante Nonneke refers to the non-alcoholic character and is a devine blonde, heavily hopped with both Mosaic and Amarillo for a wonderful aroma. Finally a complete and tasty alcohol-free alternative to alcoholic beers. Cheers!

Pinta brewery team

12 DECEMBER 2023

"Life is too short to drink bad beer."

Hello ! This is Browar PINTA team !

We brew from the very first day of the craft revolution in Poland! Our great journey started at the beginning of 2011, because we were bored of European lagers which at that time conquered the Polish market. The first batch of our „Atak Chmielu” („Attack of the Hops”) – which was the first commercial American IPA in Poland –  turned out to be a great success. Now it is treated as the trigger point of the Polish craft beer revolution. 


Today you drink the Mini Maxi IPA, our non alcoholic session IPA hopped with American aromatic varieties Mosaic® and Citra®. That's just because you don't need to drink alcohol everyday ! ;-) This is the very first style of beer we brewed in our brand new brewery back in August 2019. We had great feedback and it became one of our bestsellers !


Enjoy our Mini Maxi and Happy Christmas !

Cheers !

Rodenbach Fruitage 0.0

11 DECEMBER 2023

"Start Fruity.. Stay Fruity!"

So nice that you can now try the Rodenbach Fruitage 0.0%!

This non-alcoholic fruit beer is a delicious surprise for anyone who likes a fresh, slightly sweet taste with a hint of red fruit.

Rodenbach Fruitage is made with natural ingredients, without artificial additives. It is perfect as an aperitif, but also delicious with fruit salads or chocolate desserts. Serve the beer at 6 degrees Celsius, with ice cubes, lime and mint.


About the brewery  

Rodenbach is a Belgian brewery that celebrated its 200th anniversary last year. The classic Rodenbach is known for its sour taste that they achieved through age-old craftsmanship.

Brewed in iconic handmade oak casks that are reused for up to 150 years. Rodenbach is also the most awarded sour beer in the world, with more than 150 international awards, a testament to quality and craftsmanship.

The newest, surprising member of this family: Rodenbach Fruitage, a wonderfully refreshing fruit beer, made with love, with natural ingredients and no artificial additives.

Served in a unique aperitif glass with ice, lime and mint. A thirst quencher without alcohol, a pleasure that is both fresh and delicious.


The Rodenbach team wishes everyone a fruity Christmas and a happy New Year!

10 DECEMBER 2023

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy"

vandeStreek Bock Jij Of Bock Ik


"When You Drive, Never Drink" (alcohol that is😉)

Today we drink the Bock jij or Bock ik from brewery vandeStreek in Utrecht. A bock beer is not easy to brew and certainly not alcohol-free. This is a very successful result. And how could it be otherwise than one of the coolest breweries in the Netherlands.

The title of the beer is a parody of the Dutch Designated Driver campaign that uses BOB as a the one thats lucky enough to stay alcoholfree and has to drive. The acronym is derived from the Dutch phrase "Bewust Onbeschonken Bestuurder" which translates to "Consciously Non-Drunk Driver"

Spoiler alert: in January 2024 vandeStreek will release a new non-alcoholic beer. So stay tuned and for now enjoy this delicious dark beer!

Lucky Saint lager


"The first non-alc lager on draught"

Happy holidays from the team here at Lucky Saint, we hope you enjoy your Superior Unfiltered Alcohol-Free Lager. If you’re ever in London, please do visit us at our pub – The Lucky Saint (58 Devonshire Street, W1W 5EA)

Lucky Saint pub
Athletics Brewing alcoholvrij bier


"Born in the USA"

Hi, Athletic Brewing Co. here straight from the USA. We’re dedicated to crafting delicious alcohol-free brews you can enjoy anytime and anywhere. Included in this calendar you'll find our best seller : Run Wild IPA. Run Wild is the ultimate sessionable IPA for craft beer lovers. Brewed with a blend of five Northwest hops, it has an approachable bitterness to balance the specialty malt body. Always refreshing and only 65 calories. This isn’t your traditional watery, tasteless alcohol-free beer. Using an innovative, proprietary method of brewing beer without alcohol, we’ve created a lineup of alcohol-free craft beers that doesn’t compromise on taste. Hope you'll like it as much as we do. Cheers 🍻 Team Athletic Brewing Co. 

Funky Fluid Free Tropic


"Coffee and IPA, the best of both worlds"

Today we drink an IPA with coffee tones from Polish brewery Funky Fluid. This is the newest brother (or sister) of the Coffee Point Five. Also created in collaboration with coffee roaster HAYB. It is slightly fruitier and more tropical than its sibling. A very special NEIPA with fruity and hoppy notes and a clear presence of coffee with only 0.5% alcohol. But this beer is not for everyone, we are quite curious whether you like or hate this one. 


Funky Fluid is one of the best Polish craft breweries if you ask us. With their large variety in sours they make spectacular and original brews. ONP5 sold over 10 of their beers so far, all very fruity and suitable for (liquid) deserts. This beer is a little more mature brew, but keeps Funky as they promise. And for Dutch readers, here we have some more info about Funky Fluid. 

Rabauw Witte Woesteling


"Sober is the new drunk"

Hi, Gijs here from Rabauw Craft Beer. In addition to brewing craft beers, we also brew a bright future for our people: our Rabauwers. People with a so-called distance to the labor market. But we believe in everyone's talent. We make a CV from a backpack.


We brew deliciously drinkable beers at two locations in the south of the Netherlands. One of our core range beers is the Witte Woesteling. An American Wheat Ale with fruity hops. One of our runners since the start of our brewery. Since this year we have released an alcohol-free variant of this beer: the Witte Woetseling. Woetseling? Yes, because no one is perfect and that's okay. Although we think our Witte Woetseling is the perfect beer to enjoy alcohol-free during the holidays. We have compromised a bit on alcohol at Witte Woesteling, but not on taste. Cheers! And if you're ever in Eindhoven: it tastes even better in our Brewpub...


On behalf of our Rabauwers,


Mash Gang Superstack


"It's not a club it's a Gang"

The fourth beer is a sour beer which is a result of cooperation between Mash Gang and Vault City.

Inspired by the ultimate breakfast it was named after, this stack is perfectly balanced with layers of blueberry maple sweetness, smooth vanilla and a delicately sour finish from juicy blackcurrants and Vault City’s signature mixed fermentation base beer.

A little back ground story about the Brewery. Mash Gang was started in Corona times. They felt like there needed to be more great beers with a low alcoholic percentage. So they created great beers with a low alcoholic percentage. It is insane how many beers they released so far. They come up with new beers every week! We are proud to be the Dutch selling point and we try to get our hands to most of their brews. 

Mash Gang has a large fanbase worldwide and after tasting this beer, you will know why. From a thick sour, to a well balanced stout to the best AF lager you have tasted to crispy and hoppy IPA's. This is the best and craziest NOLO Brewery out there. 

Cheers and enjoy! 

Galea Holy Roast


"Alcoholfree Beer is not just a beverage, it’s a lifestyle."

Hi, we are Galea, a gypsy brewery from Antwerp. The can in front of you is our Holy Roasty. This beer is the first alcoholfree coffee stout from Belgium! We brewed this beer together with BCB in Menen. Just like as in many of our stouts with alcohol, this beer contains freshly roasted coffeebeans, a large amount of Madagaskar Bourbon Vanilla beans and cacao beans. The coffeebeans we used are our own specialty blend (Brasilia, Malawai, El Salvador). When we brew this beer, we use 2 different types of yeast. The yeast gives a very small amount of alcohol, but a lot of aroma and taste to the beer.

Last summer we also launched an alcoholfree blond beer (Holy Fruity), fresh sour with pineapple and ginger. A must try!


Enjoy this beer, Enjoy the holiday season with family or friends and Enjoy a good drink!


Cheers, Galea

Nils Oscar brouwerij team


"“Beer, it's the best damn drink in the world.” – Jack Nicholson"

Day 2, and we drink a non-alcoholic lager with 0.4% ABV from Sweden, which was created by a collab between Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson and brewery Nils Oscar. The beer is a golden lager, dry-hopped with Cascade, Citra and Motueka hops. And in an Iron Maiden themed look, it really is an eye-catcher. Enjoy it!

Trzech Kumpli brouwerij team


"It's happening!"


Unplugged IPA! It's our first alcohol-free beer, so we decided to go for our favourite IPA style. Highly aromatic and decidedly bitter, our Unplugged has all the trademarks of the beer revolution style. Expect citrus, tropical and resiny notes, rooted in surprisingly full-bodied malts. We wish you lots of fun drinking our beer and happy holidays! Trzech Kumpli Brewery Team

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